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Hier, jour de la mort de Jules Cesar et, quelques siècles plus tard, de ma naissance, j'ai vu la première coccinelle de l'année.

Comment j'ai su que c'était la première coccinelle? Tout simplement parce qu'elle me l'a dit. Elle s'est approchée de moi et s'est posée sur ma joue, tout près de mon oreille, avant de me souffler: "Joyeux dix-neuvième anniversaire ma petite Magali. Et pleins de bonheur. Fais donc un voeu, je suis la première coccinelle de l'année."

Alors j'ai fait un voeu. Non, non, je ne vous dirais pas lequel. Autrement, il ne se réaliserait pas. Mais j'ai quand même fait un voeu. C'était le deuxième de la journée d'ailleurs. Le premier avait été fait lorsque j'ai soufflé sur la seule bougie de mon anniversaire, plantée sur un pépito. J'aime ce genre d'anniversaires.

Seulement, après, la Jolie Première Coccinelle de l'Année, je suis allée la remettre dans le jardin qui est devant ma maison. Et là! Vous ne devinerez jamais! Je me suis retrouvée face à trois paquerettes, Fake Omega Watches deux autres coccinelles et même un jouli papillon vert qui m'ont crié "Suurrpppriissseeee!!". Pour une surprise, c'était une surprise, je m'attendais pas du tout à cette petite fête improvisée!

Du coup, ma Replica Omega Watches mère, ma chienne et moi on a pris un bain de soleil avec tous mes nouveaux amis avant de retourner à la maison, boire un bon thé tout en discutaillant.

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Getting a watch can be a smart investment, based upon specifically what label of timepiece complaintant selects.

Turning it into trickier is every single consumer opts to have a more expensive company logo while using the perception of the fact that more income paid, the better the watch probably will really perform primary.

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Furthermore, there are various watches at the discounted side who continue to job as well (and even just higher) compared to what his or her better quality competitors.

The actual with visitor studies and therefore opinions currently have produced each of them Resident and Rolex watch products and services to be the a pair of covers with a potential customer use directory.

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A business or company recognised within 1918, the main founders went aided by the name 'Citizen' to make sure you be liked by any bears for the visitors in any urban centre.

The program beneath their designate did ponders soon enough for the reason that Resident has grew to get the most accepted watch businesses out of the time it has been based in order to its certainly becoming successful come across now at the timepiece showcase.

Really should be simple fact, Citizen was the biggest watch-making group around the world as being the entire year 1986, and been successfull any headline each year then for its on the whole successfulness plus adhering to growth rate.

The prospect can compare a watch on this type to find anywhere from around $50 which can $1,600 including Citizen's Ecosystem Force modern technology which will doesn't need a battery bank, is going to be are powered by sun energy force, may also get stationed in the dark for an estimated a few months just before the need to often be recharged.

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Though Citizen supports the write down for the majority of primary rentals available, often the Rolex timepiece firm creates outlines regarding watches which have that being said ensnared buyer curiosity the fact that business enterprise is here appeared in with the game title on "bestselling watch at the world" depending on the amount of hard cash used with the shoppers.

Considered a real standing image simply by all those that put them on, Rolex piece makers around Not one but two,500 watches on a daily basis not to mention allows discounts greater than $3 thousand per annum.

Some of the significantly more abundant Rolex pioneer technology incorporate being your initial vendor to create a watch with the automatically developing night out call together with initially to present four several timezones over the watch's take on.

Should it be Citizen or alternatively Rolex piece, confronted by a very includes an abundance of choices with regards to the purchase of a watch.

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He's always on point and entertaining to look at and listen to when he's giving a mass media conference or appearing fake watches on the popular talk show like he did yesterday evening on the "Late Show" using Dave Letterman.

Although Obama has been on the "Late Show" a few times before, this had been his first appearance since becoming President, therefore everyone was tuned in to see what he'd say and do. Of course he was cool together with personable and I'm sure Letterman received some good ratings.

The public doesn't much like to see and see what Obama says together with does; they also want to share with you and analyze what your dog wears. When it relates to what the President sports during his normal work day and frequent media performances, it's pretty much a standard outfit: dark suit, white shirt, blue tie and American flag pin on his lapel. The one way for him to brew a fashion statement and exhibit himself is by wearing a watch. President Obama is known to have a couple different men's watches: a replica rolex watches, a TAG Heuer in addition to a Jorg Gray.

Each of these men's watches makes an alternative statement: a Rolex is a Rolex, one of probably the most expensive brands of luxury watches ever, and the one which he was seen being dressed in when click here he was running for President. Ironically, or even not, his then "competition" Kim McCain also wore some sort of Rolex.

When still some sort of Senator, Obama religiously dressed in a TAG Heuer Selection 1500 Divers watch. This was his daily

fake rolex watchesrelating to ten years and one which he still wears. TAG Heuer produces several sporty men's watches that will be not out of grab the average American your can purchase.

The Jorg Gray watch that Obama in addition has shown much loyalty to has received probably the most attention because before he wore it, no one had been aware of it. Given to him for a gift him by one of the Secret Service agents safeguarding him when he had been still a Senator, this is an inexpensive men's see that costs about $200 : $250.

Last night on the "Late Show" one could see that he was wearing a sizable sized watch but the one that was it? People are tweeting not wearing running shoes was an Omega watch, or maybe a Rolex? My guess is which it was not a Rolex, as most men's watches by Rolex seem to experience a metal bracelet and the main he wore has some sort of dark leather strap. Unless the President has gone out and invested in an Omega watch, chance is, that it was either his trusty INDICATE or his often utilized Jorg Gray.

With all this talk about what type of men's watch the President wears, what no one seems to be talking about is which hand he wears that on? Most people are right-handed so it's common to find watches worn on left-hands, but since have noticed, Obama is usually left-handed, which would normally means that he wears his see on his right side, but he doesn't. your dog wears his watch on his left hand.

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Six years I lived in the Hoosier State and fake watches I don't think a day went by when I didn't say to myself---and to any of my friends willing to listen---"God, I can't wait to get out of this place!"

I wasn't completely miserable there. In fact I had some of the best times of my life in Indiana. But I was emotionally and imaginatively dizzied a lot of the time. My complaints were mainly topographical and geographical. The portions of the state I knew best and saw most, between Fort Wayne, where the blonde and I lived, and Muncie, where I worked, and between Fort Wayne and Chicago, to which we escaped as often as we could, were flat, flatter than flat, too flat for my internal gyroscope, which had been calibrated in upstate New York and the Adirondack Mountains, to cope with. I swear I could have set a ball bearing on my dashboard when I left for work in the mornings and it would have stayed put the whole eighty-one mile drive down to Muncie, the road was that flat and that straight. And we were just too far from too many people I loved and missed and from too much that was interesting and exciting. Chicago was three hours away. Our families were nine and eleven hours drives, without stopping, and there were no direct flights home from the Allen County Airport. We considered ourselves very lucky to get back east twice a year.

Culturally, Indiana was a little too whitebread and mayonaise for my tastes and more openly and self-congratulatory Christian than I was used to. The Germans who had been the main settlers of the region in the first half of the 19th Century had long ago assimilated into WASPY blandness. Same with the Irish who followed them. Even the Native Americans, descendants of the Miamis who had not been so much pushed out by the whites coming in as subsumed, were often blond and blue-eyed. Fort Wayne had plenty of people of different ethnic backgrounds besides Irish, German, and WASP: African-Americans, Italians, Asians including many Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees sponsored by the Lutheran and Catholic churches, Hispanics---there was a growing population of Central Americans who were coming in under the auspices of the Amnesty movement---but none of them had enough critical mass to give the city any sort of real ethnic identity. The one minority that made its presence felt strongly enough to leave a stamp on the cultural landscape was the Amish. And people did their God-bothering loudly and in public.

Politically, the state was a strange mix of Progressives, Conservatives, Reactionaries, and wild-eyed members of the Right Wing lunatic fringe. I met more casual racists there than I encountered anywhere else, and I lived in Boston not too long after the busing crisis. I'm sure I've written before about a student of mine who bragged in an essay about how proud she was of her neighbors who were in the Ku Klux Klan and what nice people they were. One of my most talented students was a skinhead. One night when the blonde and I were driving home from a visit to Chicago our car broke down around Valparaiso. The white tow truck driver who came to our aid and gave us a lift to the nearest motel alternated between telling us about his newborn son and giving us his theory on racial politics---the blacks were ruining everything---and he cheerfully seemed to think we'd be equally interested and agreeable towards both subjects.

But Allen County had the best public library I've ever been in, and I hear it's gotten even better. The mayor of Fort Wayne during most of the time we lived there was a Republican who was more liberal than the Democrat who'd proceeded him, more liberal than a lot of Democrats I knew back in Boston. And I mentioned the presence of the Amnesty Movement in the local churches.

Indiana does not like to help make Democrats President. But it has and has had Democratic governors. It's indiscriminate about sending Democrats and Republicans to Congress. Dan Quayle was one of its Senators once. So was Birch Bayh.

Like I said, I had some good times there. Fort Wayne had a surprising number of fine restaurants, a first-rate symphony orchestra, a film series offered by the art museum that made our trips to Chicago easier because we didn't have to pack in any esoteric or foreign movies folks who live in the sticks supposedly never get the chance to see, and there was that great library. But one of the best and most fun things about living there was that we had Nancy Nall as our good friend, colleague, frequent dinner guest, and regular traveling companion. Almost all our trips to the Stratford Festival were in Nancy's company.

You can't really get to know a place in a few years, especially if like me your heart and your head were always somewhere else. We left Fort Wayne at the end of 1990. But Nance stayed on for fourteen more years. And partly because it was her job to pay attention to the place---she was the award-winning columnist for the local paper back when it was still worth something as a newspaper---and partly because she was much less of an East Coast snob than I was---she was an Ohio snob, a very different sort of animal---and partly because she lived there for so long and started her family there, Nance became much more of an honorary Hoosier than I ever did. She hasn't been out of there for that long so there's still a great deal of Indiana in her blood. So when Nance tells you that there are things the Presidential candidates need to know about Indiana you'd better believe she knows whereof she speaks.

This sounds nothing like the place in which I grew up. and yes, eventually the place I left., maybe I grew up too close to Chicago, had parents who traveled the world and let the world in as well. I can read pieces like this and not cringe. There was plenty of narrow-mindedness around me and I sure plenty of quiet bigotry, but it was so far from my experience. I spent my first 23 years in that state and although I knew I wanted to leave, it was also where I learned about the world at large how it was just as wonderful as the childhood I remember.

I hope that state votes tomorrow.

LM kiddeth not about the topography. Like its neighbors Illinois and Ohio, Indiana was shaped by the advance and retreat of the most recent ice age: Imagine a chisel cutting down from the north, rolling rocks and dirt ahead of it like curls of wood--that the southern third of all three states, the north side of the Ohio Valley, scenic and hilly and cave-riddled and full of limestone. Then as the glaciers withdrew, they dropped all the best soil in the northern two-thirds of each state, where all the good farm land is, leaving it flat and green as a pool table.

As you drive east on I-70 from Indianapolis, almost to Richmond, there an official white-on-green highway sign pointing out the highest point in the state, elevation 1257 feet. Search the terrain for that peak as much as you want, but it impossible to distinguish from the 1256-foot Breitling watches elevation farmland around it without a laser transit.

In addition to Nancy piece, the Post also ran this piece about Muncie today. The Hoosier state can forget about hearing from the east coast media again for a generation.

When my father was scouting homes in Indiana, back in the days when firms transferred their workers instead of downsizing them, the announcement from the TWA pilot was "You are now entering Indiana. Please set your watch back one hour and twenty years."

You know what Nancy N. city without fluoridated water-and, of course, some of the worst children teeth, but prime epidemiological research data [in the way that motorcycle riders before helmet laws helped neurological research].)

Daylight Savings Time is not energy-saving. And it took Indiana switching over the give us the data to prove it.

So the state switched because one of its Republican governors had a bad idea. And the true conservatives were right. A bittersweet echo of the past fifteen years.

(Btw, iirc, AZ still doesn have DST.)

I lived in Kentucky all my life, but the above comment about Indiana rings fairly true. It can boast of people like Kurt Vonnegut, Steve McQueen, James Dean--to mention a few. But also Jim Jones, that dude out in California (can remember his name) who was a TV repairman and involved with skinheads and Nazis. It is, in many ways, like an extension of the poor white South. Its neighbors to the east and west (Ohio and Illinois)arer way ahead of the curve as far as social progress goes. Nevertheless, Hoosiers for the most part are good honest people. Backward, when compared to the rest of the Midwest, but still a better place than many other places in the country.

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